Many of our readers may watch a UK programme called - "the Apprentice". A show setting out to find Sir Alan Sugar's next business protégé to work for his empire from a group of 14 eager contestants...

However episode one of the new series has brought a more unusual buzz to the audience this year, when shortly following its showing, an article was released by an angry wife who found her husband in the background with her baby...and another woman. Her friend took a screen grab and sent it to her..."you're on TV!"

"Errr...she has long black hair, but that's not me".

Though not directly related, this story is a stark reminder that CAMERA’S ARE EVERYWHERE.

We have had many companies come to us and seek advice in relation to employees that they may have caught lying, when they have said that they are on “sick leave”. We have certainly worked on many cases where employers have found proof such as this, for example during Wimbledon! (Or wishing that they were able to catch employees who, while there is no proof, managers have known that they are not off work for the right reasons.)

In our modern day society, there is little chance that we are not at some point in each day, in the background of someone’s selfie, walking behind a tourist’s photo or on a CCTV camera image (for example, going into and out of your work place). This modern day brings a vast amount convenience to our lives that our previous generations only dreamt of but we pay a price for it – privacy. We simply do not know where we are being watched and what records of ours is out there.

Our images, CCTV footages are our ‘personal data’. Not many know about this.

From May next year, the General Data Protection Regulation is coming into effect, to try to give EU citizens more autonomy of their personal data. Companies will need to be very careful about the personal data they use and how. Employees’ consent in their employment contracts cannot be relied upon and businesses will be restricted to using personal data to where it is absolutely necessary.
(This of course, does not solve the issue of our personal data on TV however!)

Back to our husband found on TV. In the end his lady friend turned out to be a mutual friend (they say). Therefore, this story ends as only an amusing tale to what was potentially a UK-wide embarrassment! A thought provoking tale nonetheless!
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