Business Affiliates and Group Companies

Centre People is a subsidiary of QUICK Co. Ltd – a leading human resources and information business group based in Japan, with international offices in key locations across the globe.
The Strategic Goals of the QUICK Group
Based on its management philosophy of “making everyone involved happy,” the QUICK Group operates businesses centred on human resources with the aim of contributing to society. Their core business is services for recruiting activities, a key link between people and companies.
QUICK’s Global Vision
Globalisation has reached the point where people and companies can operate anywhere in the world. As one aspect of globalisation, a growing number of companies are using English as their official internal language.
The QUICK Group started international operations in New York in 1999, and then in Shanghai in 2003. The next step in their global expansion was the establishment of a base of operations in Los Angeles in 2006, and more recently, they started providing services in Vietnam in the spring of 2012, Mexico in the summer of 2015, and London from 2017. These offices have expanded QUICK’s business domain to support Japanese companies that have started operations in these countries.
The QUICK group plan to continue expanding their operations with the goal of becoming the Sekai no Jinjibu® (Human Resources Department for the world).
London & Partners
Centre People is a member of London & Partners, assisting inward investment and companies setting up in London.
Professional Services Alliance (PSA)
Centre People Appointments is a member of the Professional Services Alliance (PSA) which provides comprehensive business services including; Translation & Interpretation, Legal, Market Research, HR Consulting / Training. For more information, please click here.