Japanese language specialists
The Japan division specialises in the sourcing of Japanese speaking personnel at all levels: this includes native and non-native, with knowledge of Japanese culture and business environments. Experience covers all business sectors and all levels.

We also work with many British JET returnees and other graduates who have worked in Japan on educational, cultural or business schemes and who are keen to continue working in a Japan-related environment.

  • Finance
  • Trading
  • Fashion
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Energy
  • IT / Telecommunications
  • Real Estate
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Consultant
  • Management
  • Project Finance
  • Planning
  • Secretary / Administrator
  • Purchasing
  • Trader
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Sales Assistant
  • Shipping
  • IR
  • HR
  • Customer Service
  • Engineer
Cross Border Recruitment (CBR)

Cross Border Recruitment (CBR) Europe

If you are a Japanese-speaker and are looking for a role in continental Europe, please click here for details of our dedicated CBR Europe service.

Cross Border Recruitment (CBR) JAPAN

If you are a Japanese-speaker, a Japanese-faculty university student, a Japanese student studying abroad, and are looking for a role in Japan, please click here for details of our dedicated CBR JAPAN Service.