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New Graduates - Engineering role in a major global automotive parts supplier (Manufacturing)

The company is a global auto parts supplier with operations in 61 countries around the world. We aim to be a good partner for customers by working on the development of all mega trends in the automobile industry, such as autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity, and providing solutions necessary for the future of mobility.

Japan - Other | ¥370000 - 4420000 / Year + benefits | Ref. CBRJ42893


Japanese-speaking Procurement Technical Leader (Manufacturing)


Home Counties | £24000 - 24000 / Year | Ref. MI40246-1


[Application Engineer] CMOS Image Sensor (mainly for monitoring / production equipment (FA, IoT) / medical) (Manufacturing)

As an Application Engineer for CMOS image sensors, you will provide advice on product functions and failure analysis to FAEs of domestic / overseas sales companies.

Japan - Other | ¥5500000 - 10000000 / Year + benefits | Ref. CBRJ42846


[Device Development] - CMOS Image Sensor (for Mobile / Surveillance / Industrial Equipment (FA, IoT) / Medical / Other) (Manufacturing)

In order to develop the core technology of image sensors for the future, the company is in the process of developing a team consisting of a wide range of veteran, mid-level and young engineers. Members work together to promote research and development on a daily basis with the aim of creating the No1 and Only1 devices not yet in the global marketplace. They are actively recruiting ideas from many different carriers.

Japan - Other | ¥5500000 - 10000000 / Year + benefits | Ref. CBRJ42842


Software Engineer - Automotive sensing software, sensor fusion, computer vision (Manufacturing)

The Japanese Giant Technology company seeks applicants for multiple software positions. Decisions will be made on the particular role taking into consideration your preference and experience, details below.

Japan - Other | ¥4500000 - 7000000 / Year + benefits | Ref. CBRJ42841

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